Last week, Dave Lippman caught up with PSFK and let us in on his creative process, his vision for the future of e-commerce, and what he learned at Apple

While promoting eBay's new iPad app, Dave Lippman, the company's VP of Design and Executive Creative Director, checked in to talk about design, the nature of creativity, and tricks he's learned during his nearly two-decade ride in the design field.

Dave Lippman has been active in the design industry for almost 20 years; not long after completing his studies in Communications Design at Parsons, he pooled skills and resources with friends to start Sisu, Inc. — a still-busy L.A. media firm with various high-impact clients — while the internet was “still getting going.” By 2011, he’d gotten “the itch for something new” and wanted to experience an in-house design role. Then, “Apple called — and when the mother ship calls, you kind of answer,” Lippman said.

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