Lifehack Products for the Nomadic Office

Lifehack Products for the Nomadic Office
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Range of useful products show trend of the "wherever, whenever" workspace

Leo Lutero
  • 13 february 2015

A growing number of workers call any desk that can hold up a laptop the “office.” With the ever-increasing reliability of computer networks and telecommunication lines, many people are now able to earn money by working anywhere as long as Internet is available. Walk into a coffee shop offering free Wi-Fi and it would be easy to spot someone tinkering with documents or computer code.

Just wait a while longer and you won’t be needing a peek on their screens to know they are in their natural workspace. Start-up DrawAttention is selling a laptop lid attachment that doubles as a whiteboard. Freelancers can advertise their services on their laptops while they work at a cafe. They can also scribble notes like “Working do not disturb” to warn incoming distractions. The lids and stickers can also turn the laptop into a doodle board should the need arise

To put it bluntly, DrawAttention’s laptop cases and stickers can turn a laptop lid into a self-promotional billboard. Most of the time, the open-to-the-public cafe is also a meeting room and the mighty laptop-sized whiteboard can serve as a visual aid.

freelancer sticker.jpg
Another startup called Coffee Shop Freelancers sells stickers that can help freelancers promote their work using the prime real estate offered by laptop lids.

do not disturb LED light.png
Coworking and open office environments are also getting their own slice of the pie. To address any attempts of distractions from coworkers, the USB-powered Luxafor bulb will shine bright red to notify those nearby that focus should not be broken at the moment.

A more exclusive option is designer and illustrator Jessica Hische’s Code Mode warning light. The wall-mounted piece retails for $215 and only one hundred will be made. “Code Mode” or the “flow state” refers to the state of mind where focus and efficiency is at its peak.

in code mode.png
In Samsung’s predictions for year 2015, more and more people will be restructuring their lives around “power hours” instead of the traditional 9-to-5 job.

According to the US Census Bureau, 13.2 million in the U.S. work from home from 9.2 million in 1997. Data shows that tiny office cubicles will soon turn into backpacks, and novel products like these were designed to be brought along. | Code Mode Light | Luxafor

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