A start-up brings a product to market that will get rid of those annoying corners where Wi-Fi can't seem to penetrate

Startup eero’s goal, in its own words, is to “blanket your home in fast, reliable WiFi”. For the average home, a single router can’t provide enough bars to cover the whole house. This means dead spaces where wireless internet is unavailable or unusable. In society, where connectivity is becoming the lifeblood, dead air with no Wi-Fi access is less than livable.


Post by PSFK.

Other solutions such as range extenders exist but eero argues it is miles ahead in both efficiency and performance. Range extenders use one radio to connect both to devices and the original router while the eero uses two separate radios. One connects to other eeros while one is dedicated to provide connections to devices such as laptops and tablets which eases congestion.

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