Three Apps Curbing Drunk Driving

Three Apps Curbing Drunk Driving

A number of apps help the inebriated calculate their blood alcohol level, get a ride home, or find a place to sober up

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 12 february 2015

Every year, thousands of accidents are caused by drunk driving. While police try to stop and arrest these individuals before any collisions occur, often they are too late. Whether it is due to not knowing how intoxicated they are or because they feel as though they can drive drunk, people continue to drive while under the influence. In the age of smartphones and useful apps, some developers are using their skills to try and reduce the number of drunk driving accident.

One of these apps in ENDUI, developed by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). Available for free on iOS and Android, the app provides several useful functions including a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) calculator.


While the results are not exact (since alcohol content varies per brand), the calculator lets you add shots, glasses of wine, bottles of beer once you drink them and then determining your BAC over time. The app also allows users to call a cab or designated driver, as well as test your reaction time and road sign recognition in order to measure how motor functions have been affected. The first of the apps developed by state governments to lower the amount of drunk driving accidents (California, Colorado, New Mexico and New York are all developing apps as well), ENDUI provides an easy way to help potential drivers realize they are unfit to get behind the wheel.

Breathomerter breeze


But ENDUI is not the only app on the market. The Breathometer allows for an even more accurate reading of one’s BAC through a connectable breathalyzer tool.

Their latest model, the Breeze, connects wirelessly to the app and gives a reading after blowing into the device for five seconds. The reading also tells you when your BAC will return to zero and offers several different options.The app will help you get a can, an Uber, or a designated driver, or if you want to wait it out, it will provide restaurants and hotels in the area. It even provides an activity chart so users can track their intake over days or weeks. The accompanying app needs the attachment, currently $99, for BAC readings but it is available for free on iOS and Android.

Breathometer app.jpg

The Alcohoot provides a similar service. The app, available for iOS and Android for free, comes with a breathalyzer that connects to the smartphone through the audio port. The app allows helps users find restaurants and lodging, call a cab wherever they are, and start to set their limit through an activity graphing function. The apps provides a quiz the morning after the device is used to better tailor the experience for the user the next time they drink. The apparatus costs $99.99, comes with interchangeable mouthpieces, and is an FDA registered medical device.

Alcohoot app.jpg

As technology improves, so too will these apps continue to refine their techniques, helping to dissuade intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel and endangering their lives and the lives of others.

Endui | Breathometer | Alcohoot

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