In Brief

How the sleek, blue performance car stole the show spotlight at the Detroit Auto Show

In a video Ford released of their latest GT, their supercar is referred to as an ‘artifact from the future. Debuted at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, the sleek, blue performance car stole the show spotlight. If you associate Ford with sensible and practical products like Taurus sedans and F-150 pickup trucks, well the GT is none of those things. Except that like it’s mass market cousins, it was quite successful at what it was designed to do. So much in fact that it is a legend.

Automotive enthusiasts and Ford fanatics have been badgering Ford to produce a second model of the GT since the first generation ended production in 2006. Created in part to honor the automaker’s centennial year, it was at the time a modern day interpretation of the GT40, which if you’ve never heard the story, came to be by a fascinating series of events motivated by revenge and humiliation. Not your typical design brief.

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