Apps for Oculus Rift and Google Glass may enhance your workout

Admit it: half the reason you skip workouts (when you skip them) is because they've gotten boring. You run the same route, bike the same trail, work through the same Zumba routine over and over again. If that's true of you (and we're betting it is), you are not alone.


Post by PSFK.

A combination of virtual reality concepts and wearable technology offers a solution to that part of the exercise motivation game.

It all started with the Zombies! Run! app, a game for your app phone that superimposed the sounds of an approaching zombie horde over whatever music you listened to during your run or bike ride. If you fell below your goal pace, the volume of the zombies would increase to make it sound like they were catching you. When you picked up the pace, the sounds of the horde would diminish.

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