Tech giant wins patent that teaches people correct pronunciation of trickiest cities to articulate

Google aims to rid travelers of that embarrassing moment when a local can't understand a word you're saying even though you've done your homework and are 100 percent convinced your language skills are spot on.

The global tech corporation has won a patent awarded to the firm on February 3rd that will be integrated into the Google Maps app. The new feature will provide an audio clip submitted by verified natives of places all over the world that are tricky to pronounce.

The voiceover will activate when the user types in the location as they would do normally on the existing map software. It would be perfect for names of places that are enunciated slightly differently in each location. The patent uses the example Worcester, as it's a city in the U.K., in South Africa and accounts for 10 areas in the U.S.. By using the voice of a local as opposed to a computer-generated sound, as it does in Google Translate, the subtle differences will shine through enabling traveling enthusiasts to really show off once they land at their destination.

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