Print Yourself from Head to Toe with Full-Body 3D Scanner

Print Yourself from Head to Toe with Full-Body 3D Scanner

ItSeez3D releases industry-changing scanner that creates a pint-sized you

Jason Brick
  • 17 february 2015

It’s been possible to scan and print 3D models of somebody’s head and shoulders for a few years now, and folks in areas as diverse as medicine, the arts and fashion have put that capability to good use, but we’ve yet have had something that let us print full-body models. Last month, itSeez3D released an update to its popular 3D scanner app that broadens the scope to include full-body models.

It uses an iPad and Structure Sensor to gather 3D data via a series of photos taken from different angles around (and above) the person. As photos are taken, it provides feedback to indicate which parts of the body still need coverage. Once complete, the app sends the images to the cloud where the images are combined to create the model.

3D Full Body Imaging.png
You can use the completed model to print a 3D figurine from any available 3D printer. This is mostly used as a keepsake or memento, but has potential to impact more than a few industries:

  • Medical — the benefits of a cheap, easy to use means of modeling a patient or part of a patient could be significant and broad-sweeping
  • Retail — in clothing, sports outfitting and even travel, the idea of a three-dimensional catalog of figurines wearing or using products could enhance the concept of a catalog
  • Fashion — much like retail, the power of printing prototype figurines of models dressed in different clothes can help drive decisions about what lines move forward
  • Gaming — prototype or personalized game pieces for everything from Monopoly to role-playing games

The update also offers the ability to scan with up to 150 percent the resolution texture of the earlier version. It’s free iPad for private consumers. Businesses can use it for free, and are charged per printed model.


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