has opened a showroom in London's SoHo that will display both tangible and digital products

The popular online home furnishings store has opened its fourth showroom that will put its customers in close contact with some of the online portal’s hundred of products. The purely-for-show space won’t have payment counters, however it was designed to compliment’s online shopping experience.

Billy Mavropoulos and Katerina Dionysopoulou of Bureau de Change set out to create’s largest showroom to date by putting the physical alongside digital in its displays.

Behind each showroom set-up is a curved blank wall that references the literary history of the location. Actual-size projections of products on the wall compliment the room. With the use of projections, the displays can show different combinations that change on-demand. The dynamic display keeps the showroom alive, relevant and updated without an on-site warehouse space for its vast inventory.

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