Find Love Connections Through Netflix Viewing Habits

Find Love Connections Through Netflix Viewing Habits
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Binger App finds you love that will last TV season after TV season

Jason Brick
  • 20 february 2015

A couple years ago, matchmaking site commissioned research and identified three questions to ask on a first date:

  1. Do you like horror movies?
  2. Have you ever traveled in another country alone?
  3. Wouldn’t it be fun to chuck it all and go live on a sailboat?

None of these questions have a right or wrong answer, but their Harvard-backed study found that couples who gave the same answer had a much better chance of going the distance than those with different answers.

Binger is a new app that wants to answer the first question for you before you even go on that first date. Where other dating profiles include personality quizzes, details about body measurements or a bank of touched-up photos, Binger profiles would contain information pulled from the user’s Netflix viewing data:

  • What shows the user watches
  • How much of each show
  • What the user watched over and over again
  • Binge-watching vs. occasional usage
  • Times of day and week the user watched Netflix

By bringing this data to the dating world, Binger hopes to accomplish two things. First, it wants to be a matchmaking app for homebodies: those who would rather stay home in front of the screen than hit the bar scene. Second, it wants to match you with somebody who is as likely as you to consider back-to-back Dr. Who or House of Cards marathons a good time.

The result? Couples with similar viewing habits—which say a lot about personalities—for “a match that will last season after season.” Not a bad idea.

Trouble is, Binger doesn’t exist yet. Netflix has a closed API, and doesn’t share user data with a partner. The folks behind Binger think it’s such a good idea, though, that they have organized a campaign around the #BeAloneTogetgher hashtag. If you’d like to see Binger happen, you can contribute to the cause by Tweeting and posting on other social media with the hashtag, and by checking their website for updates.


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