Penny Webb's Breath Lamp changes coloration from the touch of a breath, indicating a 'hello' from a loved one

If you've ever been in a long distance relationship, you know how difficult it is to have truly intimate moments. This is true of the intimacy between romantic partners, but also the closeness between parents and young children or even very close siblings. Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Penny Webb has a lamp designed to add an option for pairs in such a situation.

The lamp, which she has dubbed the “Breath Lamp,” is coated with a thermochromatic pigment that fades from black to transparent when heated by the lamp, thus exposing the light inside. If somebody breaths on a remotely connected device, it turns on the lamp and triggers the process. That device can be in the home, or hundreds of miles away. In this way, a partner can send a very noticeable and very real “thinking of you” message in real time regardless of what the other is doing.

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