Eye-Tracking Car Tech Will Help Drivers Remain Focused

Eye-Tracking Car Tech Will Help Drivers Remain Focused

Cars will soon be able to keep you from falling asleep behind the wheel

Leo Lutero
  • 23 february 2015

While Google is certain of the future with driverless vehicles, a trend of improving the driver is emerging. Soon, cars will come with a built-in system that will keep an eye out for a dozy driver.

Seeing Machines eye technology fovio

Seeing Machines, a company based in the Australian capital of Canberra, has created a compact system of monitoring the driver. Using infrared lights and built-in cameras, the devices capture images and extracts relevant information from the photos. At 60 frames per second, an on-board program will calculate your head’s position and where your eyes are looking.

See video demonstration below:

As seen above, the Seeing Machines device accurately tracks the driver’s attention visualized by a “driver awareness halo.” During CES 2015, a Jaguar F-type fitted with the device was shown off and it showed flawless tracking even for eyes covered with sunglasses.

The device is meant to work alongside current Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that help avoid collisions through sensors in different parts of the vehicle. Seeing Machines has landed a market on high-stress commercial environments. Their system is currently installed in over 4,000 vehicle units, many are commercial delivery trucks and heavy equipment on mining floors.

According to a study by Seeing Machines under its mining-targeted product DSS Mining, the use of their technology resulted in a 70 percent decrease in both driver fatigue and distraction. The DSS Mining devices allow mine operators to monitor microsleep, distraction and fatigue in drivers. When a driver is repeatedly unfocused, the system can trigger an alarm and seat vibration. When connected to the mine’s wireless network, DSS can send warning to site managers.

Seeing Machines also want to see their products being used on aviation, simulation exercises and railways. Alongside all this, Seeing Machines is also working to fit their device on personal vehicles.

Seeing Machines eye technology fovio
The consumer-friendly version Fovio is sleek and is about the size of a rearview mirror. Designed to fit perfectly inside a sedan or an SUV’s interiors, it brings the potentially life-saving technology to the public. On the website, General Motors, Volvo, Toyota, Ford are listed as partners and Seeing Machines has formed a relationship with Takata, a leading supplier of automotive safety equipment.

Seeing Machines eye technology fovio

It is safe to say that soon, keeping the eyes on the road will be a rule rather than just a suggestion.

Seeing Machines

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