Spice Madam sends members curated spice kits from different cultures every month

Food lovers who want to treat their palates to the tastes of different countries or cultures every so often can do so by subscribing to Spice Madam, a subscription service for spice kits.

Founded by Meghana Moya and Kim Simithraaratchy, two friends who are food lovers themselves, Spice Madam is an exotic spice subscription service that sends customers a box of curated spices every month.

Each month, the spice kits are put together based on a country or culture. Each spice kit includes three to four spices as well as a few recipes that make use of those spices and an information pack about the spices and their country of origin. The recipes include appetizers, side dishes and main dishes so customers can create full meals around the theme for the month. There are recipes that can be easily followed by beginners and there are recipes for more experienced cooks.

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