Control Your Tesla Model S with the Apple Watch

Control Your Tesla Model S with the Apple Watch

ELEKS app concept accelerates the future of connected automobiles and wearables

Simone Spilka
  • 16 february 2015

You might have heard the Tesla Model S all-electric car comes with an “Insane Button,” which when activated shoots the vehicle from 0 to 60 in approximately 3.3 seconds. The acceleration feature is just one instance of the all-wheel drive’s progressive automobile engineering, and a stepping stone of what’s next to come for autopilot navigation.

With the official launch of Apple Watch in April, drivers will be able to do a lot more than jet off with speed and agility. ELEKS iOS engineers and developers have imagined a prototype experience to remote-control your car from your wearable device.

ELEKS used the Apple Watchkit Programmer’s to deliver concepts for executing car commands without users having to take out a phone, or their keys. By leveraging the tools available, a team imagined a new relationship between the driver and their technology. The result is a connected experience that offers car control functions across six different screens.

The user of Apple Watch can gather relevant information about the vehicle directly from the watch face. A touch-activated swipe-through menu scrolls across six different screens. The technology would allow users to switch on their headlights, check the car’s battery life and set temperatures for zones throughout the car. The main screen offers a general overview of dashboard information, such as battery, temperature and mileage; the location screen keeps you notified of your vehicle’s GPS coordinates; a glance screen displays relevant information about the car’s condition so you know when its time for a check up.

We’ve seen concepts in wearables devices and the automotive industry evolve to improve overall reaction times and road safety, such as the Volvo helmet that warns riders of potential accidents. What users will experience with the ELEKS app is simply a more advanced, automated way to control the details of each ride.

ELEKS / Apple Watch

ELEKS Apple Watch Concept

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