High-Tech Ball Chair Offers Personalized Workouts at Work

High-Tech Ball Chair Offers Personalized Workouts at Work

The Wellness Ball and its accompanying app are making it easier than ever to maintain an 'active sitting' lifestyle

Charlie Stephens
  • 12 february 2015


Studies show that our physical health impacts mental stability and focus. Employers are adopting new technologies and implementing systems that piggyback off these findings, but there is even a simpler solution to improving activity in the workplace. A new take on the ball chair, the Wellness Ball is a high-tech version that not only offers an active sitting style, but also features training programs designed specifically for those that use it.

Like other ball chairs, the Wellness Ball is meant to improve posture and balance while strengthening core muscles. In the long run, this form of “active sitting” improves people’s health and reduces the amount of back problems resulting from long hours spent hunched over.

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What sets this ball chair apart from the crowd is its technological component. The ball’s handle features a QR code which can be scanned to access a database of training programs designed for the Wellness Ball. After answering a set of questions about your health status, users can connect with the Wellness Ball app to gain access to a database of specifically programmed work-outs and video tutorials. Users can also sync the app up with their Outlook schedule to organize workout times and set up reminders in order to reach their goals.

As for the design, it should be noted that the handle also allows for easy transportation, and the exterior fabric is machine-washable. So if your workspace is not large enough to break out in full exercise, you can easily take the Wellness Ball outdoors.

Whether companies add new features into the workplace or simply re-think the components already being used, integrating technology into these spaces can improve people’s health and productivity. And it doesn’t take a large-scale turnaround to improve company well-being- the Wellness Ball is evidence that such a movement can gain traction, one employee at a time.


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