Wheely's Cafe is gourmet coffee on wheels, and is poised to travel far

Starbucks Coffee is such a successful franchise that people make fun of its ubiquity, like in the Onion article announcing a Starbucks location opening in the restroom of an existing Starbucks. Their business model combined with a growing trend to position them as a world leader in their field.

As with all leaders, a plucky upstart has positioned itself to take them of for at least a share of their market — both public and franchising. Wheelys Cafe, a bike-driven, portable coffee and snack cart, is that upstart. The cafe was founded by Thomas Mazetti, once the head of the highly successful Studio Total. He invented the branded, low-overhead cart to capitalize on the fact that consumers will pay twice–or more–the regular price for coffee as long as it clearly comes from an up-market brand. Mazetti brought other thought leaders from Scandinavian superbrands like IKEA and H&M onto his team. Together, they created a product that serves two markets.

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