Where’s Wallet Lets You Track Your Money with Your iPhone

Where’s Wallet Lets You Track Your Money with Your iPhone

The smart wallet uses sensor technology to allow owners to locate it via a buddy app

Leah Gonzalez
  • 17 february 2015

Forgetting or losing a wallet and all its contents can be a big inconvenience for anyone. The aftermath of a missing wallet usually equates to wasted time or unexpected costs.

Dutch-based design house MIJLO has created a solution in the form of a smart wallet designed to be easy to use and “impossible to lose.”

Where’s Wallet is a line of well-designed wallets that are built with a tiny sensor and allow their owners to track their wallets using a free accompanying app. The integrated sensor connects with the Where’s Wallet app via Bluetooth and is built to be as invisible as it can be to fit with the classic minimalist design of the collection.


Setting up Where’s Wallet is quick and easy. Users just need to download and install the app on their iPhone, activate it, and set a notification range. Stepping out beyond the established range will send an alarm to the user’s phone and cause the wallet to beep. Where’s Wallet owners can also use the app to view the last location of their wallet in case they misplaced it and turned off the notification range.

The Where’s Wallet line includes three designs: the Slip, Bi-Fold, and Clutch. The Slip features three card slots and a slot for cash. The Bi-Fold includes more card slots and a larger slot for money. The Clutch provides more space for cash and cards, and is large enough to fit an iPhone. The wallets are made with 100 percent full grain vegetable-tanned leather and are precision-stitched with high abrasion nylon thread.

MIJLO is currently raising funds for Where’s Wallet on Kickstarter. Backers can order the Slip for $49, the Bi-Fold for $69, and the Clutch for $99, and expect delivery in August. The campaign has already raised about half of its $30,000 goal with over a month to go. The Kickstarter for Where’s Wallet ends on March 22nd.


MIJLO is a design collective founded by Daniel Eckler and dedicated to creating well-designed products. The design house had successfully funded their products A Better Backpack and The Everyday Watch on Kickstarter in the past.


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