Activist artists use the popular hosting platform to check our concept of living spaces

Jamie Shin and Vito Catalini, a pair of artist activists, have been engaging in something on Airbnb that can only be described as shennanigans, but their shennanigans is rooted in social conscience and has the potential to do concrete good.

Airbnb is an online platform where hosts with a spare room can rent that space to travelers. Shin and Catalini have been creating listings based on photos of where homeless people in New York City sleep. They hope this project will help in two ways.

1) If anybody rents the space, those proceeds are donated to homeless assistance programs in New York such as New York Rescue Mission, Goddard Riverside and the Jericho Project. 2) The project is intended to raise awareness of the homeless program, specifically in the eyes of a population with the disposable income and free time to offer real help.

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