An Airbnb for Social Office Space

An Airbnb for Social Office Space
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At-home workers have a new option for going to work with Setting

Jason Brick
  • 30 march 2015

Although most people who work from home love the lack of commute and relaxed dress code, the experience can get lonely. Setting offers a social option for work-at-home employees who would like a more social and structured atmosphere.

Setting hosts “work hubs” where you can rent a desk for a set amount of time in an office that underutilizes the space they have. Depending on the specific space and time, prices range from 10 Euros per day to 160 Euros per month. They describe the arrangement as “Airbnb for workspaces.”

Rental contracts focus on responsibility for damage and how to handle using resources like printer toner and paper. There are no long-term contracts like an at-home worker might expect if renting a small office away from the home.

Setting wants to assemble communities of creatives from various backgrounds in an environment that’s more professional than a coffee shop, where people view each other as fellow members of a creative work community.

Setting family office space

As of March, Setting has set up opportunities in Berlin only. They are aggressively looking to expand, and targeting cities with a high number of up-and-coming startups and independent professionals. They are also looking at cities with lots of conferences and business travelers, where they can offer an alternative to working in hotel business centers. However, they will also let their growing community steer the direction of their growth as community members bring new spaces and workers into the system.

Setting’s first work hub is set in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin with other locations in Mitte, Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg. The offices are open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. They invite any locals to visit and explore the environment they have created. Interested parties who don’t live in Germany can find more details, and updates about new locations, at their website.


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