Bud is a device that supports parents-to-be, both medically and emotionally

Pregnancy is an emotional time, especially for first time mothers and fathers who have never experienced the ups and downs that occur during the intense nine-month period. Bud, a new smart device is here to help smooth out any lows and woes a soon-to-be parent may have by offering thoughtful insights and guidance for every step of the way.

Bud was designed by SVA Product of Design graduate students Eliz Ayaydin and Vidhi Goel as part of the the design brief “Reimagining home monitoring” in the Product, Brand & Experience course of the MFA Products of Design Program at the School of Visual Arts. The product's aim is to “be there at a precious time that deserves care and attention,” while featuring in a product category “not yet addressed in the from a technology standpoint that is user-centric and humanistic.”

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