PSFK 2015 Presenter Noreen Chadha of citizenM designs hotels against a tech-connected generation's expectations


Noreen Chadha is one of many conference presenters at our three-day PSFK 2015 conference experience: Live, Work, Play Better. April 16–18, 2015, NYC. Get your tickets now.

PSFK is excited to welcome Noreen Chadha from citizenM hotels to speak at PSFK 2015, our flagship conference, on April 16-18. We caught up with Noreen to ask a few questions about her talk and how hospitality is catering to a new generation's needs to help them Live, Work, Play Better.

CitizenM has said that it seeks to create a new type of experience for the next generation of traveler, dubbed the “mobile citizen.” How are you adapting to meet the shifting needs of this next generation of traveler?

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