Display Facebook ‘Likes’ at Your Real-World Establishment

Display Facebook ‘Likes’ at Your Real-World Establishment

Fbox is a physical counter device that enables businesses to show off their social media following

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 march 2015

Fbox is a physical device designed for businesses, which visualizes Facebook ‘likes’ in real time. It could serve as a useful social media marketing tool in the real world, with companies projecting to passersby their digital influence in a high visible way. The counter can be displayed in locations where it is most visible to the target audience, such as a shop window or reception area.

Fbox takes only a few minutes to set up before it can be used to display live feedback about the strength of a company’s social media following. The counter also provides a free Wi-Fi service to allow further interaction between business and consumer. It is connected to the Internet and a digital LED counter displays updates in real-time as each Facebook ‘like’ is registered.

Businesses are able to increase their Facebook fans and deliver messages to users when they access the Wi-Fi. People are attracted to the Facebook page, where there is further branding and engagement, and also likely to interact in real time by registering their own ‘like’ in order to see the counter update.

A free mobile app is provided with Fbox, which runs the counter, brings Wi-Fi to those nearby and can deliver offers to users as onscreen messages. A quick and easy selection process allows specific offers to be presented to users, who are prompted to connect with Facebook and become fans by ‘liking’ the page.

Fbox is made out of two thick panels of durable Canadian Red Cedar. The front panel features a blue LED digital counter and an illuminated Facebook thumbs-up logo to show what is being visualized.

A Wi-Fi router is located between the panels, which accesses the Internet and updates the ‘like’ counter. The rear panel has an Fbox logo engraved into one corner, and the power supply and network connections are on the side. Fbox is currently raising funds on Indiegogo, where it is available to pre-order for 150 euros.


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