Cerveja Feminista brings an equal playing field to the bar

Fed up with sexism in advertising, a team of creatives in Brazil has launched a feminist beer.

Cerveja Feminista is designed to be a conversation starter to get people talking about the prevalent sexism in advertising. The campaign takes aim at the beer industry because it’s long been stuck in a pattern of showing women objectified and harassed by men, leading to the message that drinking the right kind of beer will get you the girl.

In Brazil, sexism has remained rampant in the advertising world. 65 percent of Brazilian women don’t see themselves portrayed in advertising and just 10 percent of creatives in Brazilian ad agencies are women. Advertising creatives Larissa Vaz, Maria Guimaraes and Thais Fabris joined together to form the creative activism group 65 | 10 with aspirations to change those numbers. The beer’s release is the first collective action. A recent press release from the group explains the gravity of the situation:

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