Holocube uses a built-in projector and transparent screen to simulate 3D vision

Belgian company Holocube has long been an industry pioneer of providing hologram technology for personal use. In 2008, the company debuted the first desktop-sized hologram projector, and it has been shrinking hologram technology ever since. Now, Holocube has released the Holocube HC Tablet, a device that projects images from an iPad onto a transparent screen—effectively putting hologram technologies right into users’ hands.


Post by PSFK.

The magic begins on a desktop computer, where users create 3D animations using software such as Maya or Realflow and then transfer them to an iPad Air 2, which allows for more organic animation “movement” via built-in accelerometer. The iPad clicks into the HC Tablet’s aluminum casing, which projects the animation onto a mirror angled 45 degrees above the case’s surface.

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