PSFK and EVRYTHNG’s shortlist of five cloud-connected products prepare you for a world where your purchases talk back

Picture yourself ‘checking in’ to your coffee machine for a live video chat with a master Barista on how to make the perfect cappuccino. Or friending your sensor-packed tennis racket so it can track your swing and let you know how to improve your serve. Or imagine that you’re in the produce section of the grocery store and the local butternut squash sends you a message recommending a curry soup recipe along with a shopping list of ingredients. That future is just around Aisle One.

A surge of retailers, museums, hotels and sports arenas have begun experimenting with the indoor location-tracking and proximity marketing system known as iBeacon to serve their patrons with a rich flood of information designed to change the way they interact with a physical space. Now further technological advances are bringing that same experience to the level of individual products, enabling the very things we touch, browse and buy to communicate with us in unique ways.

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