The SMS service upholds the age-old adage, "if you text it, it will come"

Too busy, lazy, or confused to juggle the apps needed to order dinner or hire a team of jugglers? There's a human-staffed service for that.

Magic‘s aim is to absolutely minimize the effort required in fulfilling  any person's (legal) desire, whether it's for a snack or sky-diving lessons. “Something like DoorDash or Postmates, you have to manage it a bit,” co-founder Mike Chen told TechCrunch.

As Plus Labs' Grant Lowery explained, the viral service isn't an app; would-be users can text a phone number listed on Magic's site and (perhaps once the initial rush slows down) the team will spring into action and “look to supply whatever is asked for, whether that's food delivery, home repair, research, or anything else.” Magic's job is to “manage any middlemen involved in the process” of fulfilling a user's order, he added, and to combine services when necessary (as to deliver a restaurant's food when the restaurant itself doesn't deliver).

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