Your Own Private Social Network Outside the Cloud’s Reach

Your Own Private Social Network Outside the Cloud’s Reach

Neone offers safe online sharing managed by you

Janet Burns
  • 31 march 2015

Neone recently unveiled its answer to our online security woes: a 6-by-3.5 inch white cylinder that lets users create their own private social networks.

Available this summer to Kickstarter supporters, the Neobase creates an encrypted private network for safe sharing among contacts, meaning “nothing gets stored or passes through any website, service, cloud or organization – including [Neone’s].”

In a press release, Neone founder and CEO Dave Glassco cited a Pew Research Center study which found that 91 percent of U.S. adults surveyed feel they’ve lost control over the ways in which their personal data is shared and stockpiled. He explained that, because Neobase allows users to protect their info from all parties but those selected per post, users can be “absolutely sure” of who sees their content—a vital concern online:

Sharing what is in essence your digital life through someone else’s web service only makes sense if you’re comfortable with it being filtered and sold at best, and hacked at worst […] Neone puts control of people’s digital lives back in the hands of users, letting them decide what relationships, discussions and information they share, and who they share it with.

“This should be the future of computing. This is privacy in a box, and that means freedom,” added Tiffiniy Cheng, co-founder of Fight for the Future.


Each plug-and-play Neobase includes one Terabyte of storage, connects via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and can support up to six users. After setup, users can choose to connect with others in the Neone Network or begin posting content with its visibility limited to selected persons in a user’s network. Upon sharing, reps explains, “your Neobase connects directly to the other Neobases you are sharing with, sharing only the specific content you have chosen.” The network interface itself is ad-free, and requires no subscription for use.


Various Beta testers have been trying out the gadget over the past several months, including Greg Trifiletti, whose work involves payment technology. He stressed the importance of encryption services and personalized control in products like Neobase, which he’s been using since the fall of last year:

Neone wraps the value of social networking in a layer of control and security that makes it easy and comfortable for me to share with targeted groups within my curated personal network. […] As a professional working in the payments industry, I am especially sensitive to the importance of sharing information securely.

With the security built into a service like Neone, I think we are seeing a market response to online privacy breaches and violations that is going to become increasingly relevant as we all get inundated with unending security compromise stories in news.


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