Red Bull Studios NYC Launches Gift Shop of Curated Goods

Red Bull Studios NYC Launches Gift Shop of Curated Goods

Alldayeveryday-Red Bull collaboration is an always-evolving take on the tired museum gift shop

Simone Spilka
  • 10 march 2015

As Red Bull continues to embrace and champion experimental branding, the company differentiates itself from the beverage industry through a variety of behavioral and sensory engagements. In the most recent collaboration, Red Bull teamed up with Alldayeveryday to launch The Gift Shop, a take on the traditional museum shop that sells speciality goods carefully curated by creatives to the general public.

Located at the Red Bull Studios NY, the new, permanent fixture engages independent artists from within its own community with the purpose of creating a participatory experience that evolves with time and space.

The Red Bull Studios is a multi-functional project space that acts as a hub for creatives and artists to collaborate and caffeinate, and serves as a modern meeting point for music, installations, and energy-boosting beverages.

The hybrid environment features a radio booth, state of the art recording studio, performance space, lecture hall and exhibition room for versatile and spontaneous programming.

The launch of The Gift Shop illustrates the shifting retail experience of a physical location that doubles as a marketing platform for artists.

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“The Gift Shop is an experiment in what it means to have a more meaningful and multi-dimensional retail experience. Retail has become such a saturated space littered with discounts and commoditized products, and we wanted to introduce an environment that feels like the opposite,” Kevin Kearney, Managing Partner of Alldayeveryday told PSFK.

Designed with a community-driven mindset, The Gift Shop aims to restructure the traditional retail experience by offering a fresh take on product selection and programming moving forward. The inventory includes continually-rotating, miscellaneous and bespoke goods from custom prints to curated gift-wrapping from an array of global makers and artists.

red bull studios nyc

“We started with artists and designers in our immediate network that we knew were making or could make interesting art/object products that would feel special, unique and rare in a sense that you couldn’t find elsewhere or anywhere near. Just about everyone on that initial list responded very positively and if weren’t part of our launch, are working toward collaborations to be released during the months to come. After wrangling an assortment from our eclectic friends and family, we then reached out to designers and artists that we didn’t necessarily know, but had admiration for the work they were creating,” explained Art Director Othelo Gervacio of sourcing the initial artists to participate in the launch.

Rapper Juvenile kicked off the official opening with a live performance where guests purchased from the current display of products, including Dirty Pictures zines from Miranda Lehman, sea salt from the duo behind Dimes and attire from conceptual artist Ryder Ripps, whose exhibition is currently on display at the Studios.

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On the program calendar, photographer Amanny Ahmad will celebrate the first day of spring with for-purchase floral arrangements and prints of flowers.

In April, The Gift Shop plans to sell new products from Eric Elms: Climbing Hold paintings and candle holders, as well as his book Bluff Bluffs. Alldayeveryday will continue to pool creatives from their network and beyond to showcase a variety of art mediums.

“Introducing new products regularly is easy, but we wanted to do the same for the experiential side too. That’s why we set up a loose events calendar in order to leave space for new opportunities as they present themselves. This way we’re not curating every single thing from the get go, but also leaving room for the community to participate. In that flexibility is where the magic happens. We’re letting the community participate in what the shop will become, and therein lies the authenticity—it’s a platform that’s created as much by that community as it is by us,” Kearney said.

The Gift Shop itself is small and minimal, just like you’d imagine a modern museum. An open and bright room is flanked in LED decor, with the the small and seemingly minimalist items surrounding the living plant centerpiece. A diamond structure of indoor grow lights hangs from the ceiling. Todd Fenton, Director of Architecture and Interiors described the challenge of designing such a space was to create an environment that would be both impactful and unique while not overpowering the artwork:

“The tree and planter provide something unexpected that will hopefully remain in the memory of the visitor. Its organic shape contrasts nicely with the rest of the design, which is composed of more rigid geometries. Those geometries are powerful in their simplicity, providing a neutral background for whatever products or projects come to the space. The Gift Shop will be open throughout a range of different artist shows at Redbull Studios, so it needed to have the ability to adapt to the varying styles that it is presented next to. The Gift Shop space was designed with that in mind, as a space that can be reconfigured and absorbed by the artist.”

All of the customized items will be available to the public during the Red Bull Studios NY operational hours (12:00–7:00pm, Thursday through Sunday).

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