Puzzle Bear Re-Introduces Kids to the Rubik’s Cube

Puzzle Bear Re-Introduces Kids to the Rubik’s Cube

The Ozo bear is an adorable and elegant project you can do yourself

Rachel Pincus
  • 3 march 2015

If you’ve picked up a Rubik’s Cube recently and aren’t a logical genius (who is?), you’ve probably realized that they’re not just for kids. In fact, depending on the size of the cube you’re trying to solve, they can be incredibly hard! But they’re a great educational toy for kids, and they help develop many mental faculties that are useful down the line in the all-important STEM careers. So what better than to introduce the Cube to children so they can get used to that kind of problem solving—not to mention in an incredibly cute, 3D-printed package?

ozo bear 1.jpeg


Industrial designer Emmanuel Carrillo recently released a model of his Ozo 1x2x3 Puzzle Bear, which he designed while at the University of Cincinnati, on the 3D printing model site Cults.

The structure of the Bear consists of body parts surrounded by a central pin. Carrillo says he printed these components separately from each other. Users with different 3D printers may need to print the pin in two different versions provided by Carrillo, depending on the type of printer and filament you have. Since the pieces have to move smoothly against each other, he cautions that deburring may be required.

ozo bear 3.jpeg
Additionally, the smooth movability of the bear’s pieces  used to mean that it needed help from the non-3D printed world in the form of screws, but recently Carrillo revised the design so that it can glide together smoothly without them. Still, those assembling the project need to check that everything is smooth before putting it together.

ozo bear 5.jpeg
Carrillo’s plans for the bear seem to be approaching those of mass production, at least relative to similar projects in the 3D-printing community. He encourages people with the necessary resources to print their own versions and share them on social media, and he has also 3D printed silicone molds of the bear so that he can create multiple copies in different colors and sizes.

For a full-stack project that will educate both you and a special child in your life, you can’t go wrong with the Ozo bear.

Emmanuel Carrillo | Ozo Bear

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