Bluetooth-Connected SodaStream Takes on All Mixed Drinks

Bluetooth-Connected SodaStream Takes on All Mixed Drinks

A partnership with designer Yves Behar creates a beautifully functional kitchen mixer

Jason Brick
  • 30 march 2015

The home carbonation trend has been healthy for half a decade, but up until this year only water with a little syrup has been open to the carbonation process by these home appliances. By this summer, you can expect more from SodaStream’s new entry: the SodaStream Mix.

Mix has five liquid settings, ranging from water to pure fruit juices to alcoholic beverages. This is a game-changing development, since the wrong liquid could damage or ruin a standard carbonating model.

For the design of Mix, SodaStream tapped renowned designer Yves Behar to create a sleek and futuristic look that makes its touch screen control a centerpiece. This is not the first time Behar has leant his signature sleek design aesthetic to SodaStream’s offerings, and the Mix is a clear continuation and maturation of the line he has created.

Taking a page from cutting-edge tea kettles and coffeepots, Mix also features Bluetooth connectivity that will allow you to mix and carbonate drinks remotely via your smart phone.

SodaStream has hinted at an Internet connectivity option as well, potentially permitting you to download drink recipes for the Mix to execute while you chat and slice limes in the next room. Because of the suite of advanced technologies introduced by the Mix, the new carbonation machine is poised to become a disruptive technology in the drink and mixology industries.

SodaStream Bar.jpg

SodaStream’s RV for its showcase debut

SodaStream has also engaged Behar to design The Alchemy Lounge, a futuristic pop-up bar they will use to showcase the device at the product’s debut. The diamond-shaped, geodesic structure is made to mirror the Teatro Versace in Milan.

SodaStream Mix debuts in Milan’s Salone de Mobile next month, where they will announce all the details of how the newest model will be marketed and distributed. The exact consumer price has also been a closely-held secret, though they have told the press Mix is aimed toward sophisticated home users and professional bartenders. Expect a higher-end price point.


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