A partnership with designer Yves Behar creates a beautifully functional kitchen mixer

The home carbonation trend has been healthy for half a decade, but up until this year only water with a little syrup has been open to the carbonation process by these home appliances. By this summer, you can expect more from SodaStream’s new entry: the SodaStream Mix.

Mix has five liquid settings, ranging from water to pure fruit juices to alcoholic beverages. This is a game-changing development, since the wrong liquid could damage or ruin a standard carbonating model.

For the design of Mix, SodaStream tapped renowned designer Yves Behar to create a sleek and futuristic look that makes its touch screen control a centerpiece. This is not the first time Behar has leant his signature sleek design aesthetic to SodaStream’s offerings, and the Mix is a clear continuation and maturation of the line he has created.

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