PSFK sits down with SXSW presenter Curtis Hougland

Curtis Hougland is a pioneer of social media marketing—the Founder conceived his new media agency Attention in 1992.  At his SXSW presentation, Hougland will offer ideas about the potential of the social experience and behavior.

Piers Fawkes: Can you tell me about the talk you’re giving at SXSW, and the significance of why you're giving it?

Curtis Hougland: The talk I'm giving is called “Why Invention is Bad for Business.”

It seems a little counterintuitive, but the conditions for invention and reinvention have never been better. We have better data, a smarter consumer and more creative outlets, yet most organizations don't prepare for actual, radical change. Organizations have siloed institutions, don't understand risk management, and have gotten used to a conditional period of stagnation or innovation, which is more about putting two things together rather than creating something globally.

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