3D-Printed Wedding Dress Explores Moment-Defining Fashion

3D-Printed Wedding Dress Explores Moment-Defining Fashion
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Shanghai-based brand Xuberance uses 3D printing for luxury apparel

Leo Lutero
  • 18 march 2015

There are two ways high-end fashion can go: austere and straightforward or excessive and complex. Xuberance, from the name alone, knows it belongs to the latter. The design brand form China leverages the full potential of 3D printing in extremely intricate pieces for luxury shoppers to enjoy.

Xuberance uses its own 30x30x30cm 3D printer called the Xuberance X1 series to create its intricate products with prices not for the faint of heart. As an example, the headpiece below is priced at $5,303(€5,000).

xuberance tiara resized.jpeg

The Xuberance items were created using SLS or selective laser sintering. This method uses powerful lasers to selectively sinter or heat-and-bind the material which allows the formation of figures layer by layer. Through this method, materials such as steel can be used instead of just ABS plastics with injection-type printers.

The team has already created the first ever 3D print-themed wedding, complete with a gown made out of laser-blasted plastic. The gown had Xuberance’s signature romantic motifs reminiscent of hand-crafted guipure lace.


Xuberance also created many of the faux flowers used for the venue and decorations for the wedding cake. China, with a growing number of ultra-rich, seems to be the perfect address for luxury 3D printing to start taking over the fashion world.

3D printing’s accuracy and potential and high fashion’s ethos of top-notch craftmanship and exclusivity are bound to go together. The design company from China successfully explores the future of couture with 3D printing, especially in weddings which is a big market for high-end, bespoke fashion.

The design company was founded by three architects: Steven Ma, Leirah Wang and Bin Lu. Aside from creating clothing, the group also creates luxury 3D-printed novelties such as a $319 (€300) pair of chopsticks and a $128 (€120) hairpin. Xuberance also regularly hosts workshops in China to promote its own field.


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