Incredibly luxurious interior and high-tech controls combine in this game-changing 525 Relentless

The Bell 525 helicopter is a super-medium flier with an incredibly luxurious interior.

Like any helicopter of its size, it’s capable of many uses, ranging from firefighting and rescue, to industrial applications, to high-class transportation and even insertion or extraction in dangerous landing areas. However, owners of the newest, updated whirlibird may not want to expose it to rugged use. Its 88 sq ft cabin interior would be a shame to smudge, dent or ding.

The flight deck has a wide array of touchscreen displays designed to minimize the hand and eye movements a pilot must use to control the vehicle and reduce fatigue during long flights. The controls are customizable to the needs of individual pilots, and include 3D imaging of terrain and traffic. Windows on the flight deck use wraparound configurations for maximum visibility.

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