The “Do We Dream Under the Same Sky” exhibition highlights how Germany's capital could be transformed by the Internet

As part of a multi-city exhibition named Open Source, Artist Rirkrit Tiravanija has partnered with Galerie Max Hetzler to create “Do We Dream Under the Same Sky,” a series of public billboards that reimagine the future of Berlin.

The exhibition is taking place at three venues in total, including both of the Max Hetzler galleries in Berlin and a location in Paris as well.

The eye-catching imagery features a selection of artists, most of whom have been working since 1990, who have forecast ideas on how the city’s culture could be adjusting. The group took inspiration from theories explored in Jeremy Rifkin’s book The Zero Marginal Cost Society, which proposes a future economic change due to a situation the writer has named “collaborative commons.” Within this, the Internet is discussed as a reason for the potential alterations as the cost of production, due to increased connectivity and easy of trade, could reach zero. Because of this, consumerism as we see it today has the potential to change forever.

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