Thought leaders come together at the PSFK 2015 conference this Friday to discuss issues people face as they try to Live, Work, and Play Better

As part of this year’s PSFK 2015 conference, we’ve put together two panels to complement our mix of thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs set to take the stage.

Each panel brings together a curated group of individuals to discuss two of the larger ideas influencing the ways we will Live, Work, and Play going forward. Make sure to check them out Friday April 17. Tickets are available now.

Better Living Through Big Data 12:30pm | Moderated by Tim Ryan, PSFK

As billions of connected sensors come online, a deluge of data is being generated—but to what end? For governments, cities, health professionals and more, the implications of big data are more apparent, but how do individuals stand to benefit?

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