Chevrolet Uses Oculus Rift for Off-Terrain Showroom Experience

Chevrolet Uses Oculus Rift for Off-Terrain Showroom Experience

If Chevy can't bring you to the mountains, its CoDriver program will bring the mountains to you

Jason Brick
  • 6 april 2015

Chevrolet has teamed up with digital marketing agency Isobar to create a virtual reality sales experience they call CoDriver.

CoDriver is designed to give viewers a chance to experience a vehicle’s driving capacity without leaving the showroom. By using the Oculus Rift DK2, CoDriver allows a prospective customer to view 360 degrees of 12k resolution video footage as if driving the car through New Zealand mountains.

As of April, this promotion is paired only with a Chevrolet Colorado specifically retrofitted for the task. A driver will sit in the passenger seat and experience the CoDriver program while hearing a 3D positional sound recording and the car vibrates as if moving and turning to match the New Zealand off-road adventure on the VR headset.

The adventure runs the vehicle through the rocky, beautiful terrain that helped create the striking visuals for the Lord of the Rings movies. It takes you along rough roads and up mountainsides to provide an experience much like test-driving the truck under heavy driving conditions—without actually moving the vehicle.

Chevrolet - BIMS - 2

Chevrolet hopes the new technology will help potential buyers experience the kind of driving that a normal test-drive doesn’t allow. They have commissioned custom-designed Oculus Rift headsets for the campaign, each changed to reflect the Chevrolet brand with a white cover and golden Chevy logo at the center. If the initiative proves successful, we can expect Chevy to apply it to other models, as well as imitation from other automakers, soon.


CoDriver is the first experience to introduce VR marketing to auto sales, and is focused on their newest high-end pickup, the Colorado High Country. They premiered the setup at the 36th Bangkok International Motor Show on March 25 – April 5, and will be bringing it to showrooms later this year.


Images: Chevrolet, GM | CC

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