With Gert Hildebrand of Mini Cooper leading design, the Qoros 2 PHEV is poised to captivate the young Chinese market (and beyond)

As automakers from Tesla to Aston Martin seek to leverage China’s economic boom and exploding middle class, one of the country’s many domestic manufacturers may have set its sights on Western expansion. Qoros, an Israeli-Chinese joint-venture founded in 2007 based in Shanghai, is leading the charge having just unveiled the concept of its Qoros 2 model at this week’s Shanghai Motor Show.

The Qoros 2 is a sub-compact SUV that promises to feature hands-free charging for its plug-in hybrid powertrain and four-wheel drive. The design teams based in Munich and Shanghai, helmed by Qoros design chief Gert Hildebrand, were distinctly inspired by German automakers. Hildebrand’s team were dedicated to providing the model with a sleek yet muscular look similar to its European counterparts, an example of which would be the Fiat 500X.

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