The Calvert Journal and Afripedia are two creative and perception-altering movements spurred by the Internet's leveling powers

The first edition of IAM (Internet Age Media Weekend Conference) was held in Barcelona with a diverse array of leading minds shaping the future of creative industries around the world, and which are leading the first generation of Internet Age Media. Though the event took place last month, trends observed there have the capacity for great cultural impact.

One of the hot topics discussed was ‘creative ecosystems growing under the radar,' which brought on stage Igor Zinatulin, head of strategy for the Calvert 22 Foundation, and Teddy Goitom, director of Afripedia. Both initiatives aim to depict genuine creative work and art unnoticed by mainstream media and deeply rooted in their native cultures. Thus, bringing together a new generation of prolific creatives which seek to challenge the status quo of an established Western perception, especially as portrayed by media.

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