GreenBox is a multifunctional pizza box made of recycled and recyclable material that eliminates waste four-fold

A new eco-friendly pizza box that can be broken down into plates and a storage container for leftovers could help eliminate the need for waste when eating pizza at home. Made in the USA from 100 percent recycled and recyclable material, the GreenBox is being touted as “the pizza box of the 21st century.”

Unlike standard pizza boxes, this multifunctional version can be used for sharing out slices and keeping some fresh for later. It has a lid that can be easily removed by tearing along the joint. This can then be torn up into quarters, creating four sturdy plates for friends to use when devouring a slice. The base of the box can be transformed into a storage container for any leftovers, which eliminates the need for wasteful materials like plastic wrap or aluminum foil, and is also a more convenient size for storing in the fridge or transporting.

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