Self-Inflating Paddleboard Caters to Those Low on Space and Travel Options

Self-Inflating Paddleboard Caters to Those Low on Space and Travel Options
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SipaBoards are self-inflating standup paddleboards propelled forward by their own pump

Jason Brick
  • 23 april 2015

Though it’s a relatively new form of water recreation, you’ve probably seen standup paddleboarders at a lake near you—they’re the people standing on what looks like a surfboard, using a long paddle to reach the water.

The SipaBoards project would like to be the world’s first self-inflating standup paddleboard. Its core is a fan-like electric motor called the SipaDrive that inflates the board by moving air, then propels the board by moving water.


Most standup paddleboards are hard-body items. They don’t require inflating, but take up as much room as a surfboard when transported or carried. The SipaBoard is small enough for a child to carry by himself or herself.

The SipaDrive can inflate the board in five minutes, then slips into a compartment in the full-size board to either propel the board for the whole trip, or add extra power if a boarder gets fatigued.

The SipaBoard can reach speeds of up to 3 1/2 knots. Its controls are designed to accommodate the edge of a paddle, so the user doesn’t have to kneel down or let go of the paddle during use. The motor has an automatic shut-off when separated from the paddles, since that is a good indicator that a rider has fallen off.

SipaBoards 2.jpg

For a Kickstarter, the SipaBoard is expensive—nearly $2,000 for the full package. Less expensive backer rewards include a dry bag for watersports from standup paddling to whitewater, or a logoed t-shirt.

As of April 22, the SipaBoard has raised $99,138 of their $150,000 goal with 21 days remaining in the campaign. Kicktraq notes it is trending toward funding at approximately twice their goal. If it does successfully fund, the team projects delivery this coming September.



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