Stop posting the same pics of yourself to social media and make a facilitated time-lapse instead with Everyday app

Despite popular belief, not everyone who takes selfies is a self-absorbed narcissist. We can take pictures of ourselves to record our lives, share our experiences, and track our appearances (to a certain extent, at least). Making this easier is a new app called Everyday, which reminds you to take a photo of yourself every day and then turns those pics into a movie of your life. Now, selfies can be more useful and entertaining than ever before.

To begin making a movie, users set reminders to notify them when to take their daily picture. You can schedule your reminders for different times of the day or based on your location so that your movie can be customized just how you want it. Simply align your eyes, nose, and mouth within the photo grid, and once you snap your pic it's saved and backed up with Dropbox for easy access.

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