Ava is the natural secretary-slash-personal assistant upgrade to Siri

x.ai and A24 Films have combined forces to bring Ava, Ex Machina‘s AI, to life as an AI secretary-slash-personal assistant that schedules meetings. Ava can set up meetings between you and your friends or business contacts while you’re busy doing other things, saving you the tedious email ping-pong that comes with arranging a meeting.

Once signed up with x.ai you simply cc: amy@x.ai (or for a limited time ava@x.ai) and she'll handle the job.

For example, a friend might email you asking to meet up. If you’re too busy to negotiate the day and time, you can copy Ava on the email. She will conduct a back-and-forth email conversation with your friend to find a time that fits with your schedule and then send the calendar invites to both parties.

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