3d-printed wearable 'Ruff' is anything but—explores how smart fabrics can be responsive to wearer's body

Ruff is a conceptual design project that features 3D-printed responsive wearable fabrics. The project was developed by interaction designer and architect, Behnaz Farahi, and fashion designer, Pauline van Dongen, in order to explore how future wearable materials can be imbued with responsive and dynamic properties, possessing almost life-like movement and behaviors.

Ruff was developed in Los Angeles as part of a three-week collaboration at will.iam’s 3D Systems’ printing studio facilities.

Farahi and van Dongen wanted to demonstrate how 3D printing can play an important part in fashion. They believe that if fashion designers were to augment their designs to encompass technology that heightened sensory experience, they may find new ways to design apparel, allowing them to serve as transmission conduits between the physical body and technology connected to the wearer’s life.

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