3D printing is poised to change how you buy shoes as seen with shoe brand Feetz

Feetz wants to be the cobbler for the 21st century, looking to customize your footwear with the help of a 3D printer.

Their process is deceptively simple. You use their app and your phone to send them three photos of each foot, taken from specific angles. While they analyze that data, you use other features of the app to finalize the appearance and type of shoe you want to buy. The Feetz team prints out your custom shoes and mails them to you.

The idea began when Founder and CEO Lucy Beard spent an hour in a shoe store, growing increasingly frustrated as she searched for a shoe that fit what she wanted in size, design and comfort. Taking a needed caffeine stop, she saw how Starbucks offered a wide variety of coffee options using only three machines. She thought “Why couldn't this happen with shoes?”

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