Gesture-Controlled Frame Transforms your Wall into Compact Museum

Gesture-Controlled Frame Transforms your Wall into Compact Museum
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If you've been wanting a Van Gogh or Dali on your wall, Meural can make your dreams come true

Leo Lutero
  • 7 april 2015

Purveyors of fine art will be delighted to hear about Meural, an interconnected digital frame that can display fine art with a swipe of a hand. Featuring a matte 1080p 27” display with ambient light sensors, the display will be crisp and vivid enough to display even the subtlest chiaroscuro.

But what sets the Meural apart is the unique subscription service. The New York-based startup aims to provide its users with a constant stream of high-quality images of both iconic and emerging art pieces.

Meural is working closely with museums, galleries and artists to create an innovative new layer in visual culture by increasing the opportunity for exploration and accessibility – Meural CEO Vladimir Vukicevic

The screen is connected via Wi-Fi and cloud-based controls will also let users upload their own work for display. Currently on a 60 day sale, the Meural retails for $395 (regular price $495) inclusive of a 12-month subscription. After the first year, subscription will cost $4.95/month.

The price is justified by the ability to have priced paintings (think Monet, Kandinsky) hanging around your living room at different times of day (with some simple gesture control).

tech-info-gestures-media_frame meural


For those more interested in contemporary pieces, Meural also accepts submissions from current artists and is keen on building relationships with contemporary outfits.

For under $500, you get access to the full spectrum of fine art, a beautiful statement piece for your home and the latest in consumer technology—what more could you ask for?
– Meural Director of Business Development Simonne Hurse

PSFK has previously reported on another art-oriented digital frame Electric Objects. But unlike the Meural, Electric Objects focuses on internet art including the much-loved format GIF. Meural’s focus on curated visual pieces will spark an interesting direction to art appreciation.

meural frame digital

Once exclusive to the hallowed walls or art galleries or museums, visual art history and culture as we know is finally getting a slice of the connected world.



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