Gap has launched a pair of low rise and wide legged shorts—exactly what dads wear on holiday. From boyfriend jeans to nephew jeans, which family member do you sport?

Assuming this season’s rather specific denim trends aren’t for you (quite possible if you hated the 1970s the first time round but, equally, find the prospect of wearing skinny or slimmy jeans again wholly dispiriting), there is good news: spring denim has broadened out into something more “family-orientated.” Gap has just launched its “dad shorts” – wide-legged denims – precisely the sort of thing your dad wears on holiday. “Fussy cuts are known to increase sales,” explains APC’s Jean Toutoiu after explaining why he launched his hybrid of stretch with raw denim which helped the label’s sales increase by 40% and which explains the rise and rise of the boyfriend jean (M&S, Topshop and Asos all have their own “boyfriend” jean section). Take Barack Obama, a defiant wearer of “dad” jeans: “The truth” he replied after much ridicule, “is I generally look very sharp in jeans.” Sure you do. So, with Easter in mind – a time of family and togetherness – here are five jean styles from the family tree.

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