Glop Containers Can Change Shape like Putty

Glop Containers Can Change Shape like Putty
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Food containers offer a multitude of functions (such as pouring, storing, mixing, straining, serving) due to their material

Emma Hutchings
  • 1 april 2015

Spanish designer Berta Julià Sala developed a set of five food containers that are able to perform various functions in the kitchen due to the softness of their material. Glop was created with the aim of discovering new uses for daily objects by modifying their purest features.


The shape of the cup, bowl, large bowl, dish and bottle can be altered as the user chooses. They can squeeze, press and fold them to better suit a specific purpose. The containers, which are made of food-safe platinum silicone, are suitable for drinking or eating out of, preparing or serving food in, pouring, storing, straining, mixing, washing and more.


This project is the result of conceptual research into the materialness of everyday objects. Berta Julià Sala wondered about the concept of perception, how it affects our way of understanding and using objects, and how it influences the way we design.

Glop offers a wide variety of functions as the shape of the food containers can easily be changed to allow the user to modify them as needed. By pressing in the edges of the cup, coffee can be poured into a glass full of ice without spilling. By closing the top of the large bowl and shaking it, a salad can be quickly mixed without making any mess. The containers could help drive people’s creativity by encouraging them to constantly come up with useful new applications.


Glop features simple forms and clean lines, and the soft material can be washed, heated and cooled. You can see the containers being used in the video below and also check out the making of video to see how they were made:

Berta Julià Sala

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