Wearable tech is one thing. But a sleeping bag with armholes or a suit you can surf in is another entirely. Here are some of the most heinous hybrid fashions around

Not for the first time, fashion has found itself in direct comparison to Jurassic Park. In order to evolve, the franchise, which rolls on this summer with its fourth instalment 22 years after the first came out, initially mooted the winning idea of dino-humans: hybrid dinosaurs with the primal urge to bake as well as eat children. Thankfully, the need for a wide release prevailed and the idea was dismissed. Sadly, the same is not true of hybrids in fashion, and for every pair of jeanos, for every jegging, skort and slimmy – legit, all of them – there’s a new and unimaginable fashion hybrid, the best and worst of which is below.

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