Calling all creatives: Help people live, work and play better by inspiring progressive solutions and democratizing big data

Imagine if you could collect all the world’s data, understand it, and improve people’s lives by helping them live, work and play better. What would you create? IBM Watson and PSFK are collaborating to explore the future of cognitive computing and want you to dream big and share your best ideas around what could be possible.

Billions of individuals across the globe are now connected to social media and the Internet. The ability of these scattered individuals to create, share, and consume ideas has created a rich and untapped reservoir of sweeping change. In parallel, the systems used to make sense and draw answers from that data have greatly improved. This new generation of technology and the emergence of ‘Cognitive Systems’—technology able to interact with and make sense of data like humans do—promise societal and cultural insights that we have yet to fully comprehend. These insights could ultimately help solve layered social issues and inspire societal change.

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