Social Media Expert Kenyatta Cheese shares what he’s learned about the culture of the Internet ahead of his talk at PSFK 2015 (April 17)


PSFK is excited to welcome Kenyatta Cheese, Co-founder and Creative Director of Everybody at Once at PSFK 2015 this Friday, April 17.

Kenyatta Cheese is one of many conference presenters at our  PSFK 2015 conference: Live, Work, Play Better. April 17, 2015, NYC. Get your tickets now.

In this role, Kenyatta designs communities and content that build audiences for media, entertainment, and sports guided by the principle that the audience has an audience. Before co-founding Everybody at Once, Kenyatta created Know Your Meme, a website dedicated to cataloging the creation and spread of Internet culture. We sat down with Kenyatta to discuss how social media has revolutionized how ideas and culture are communicated and what that means for individuals and brands.

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